Year 11 Exam Results 2023

Posted on: 25 Aug 2023

We’d like to congratulate our Year 11 students on their GCSE results and for all of the hard work that led them to this point. 

Thursday 24 August brought many stories of individual student success. It is never right to single out individuals when so many could be mentioned. However, we would like to congratulate students such as Vivi Marshall (seven grade 9s), Oscar Sherwin (five grade 9s), Alex Lawrie (five grade 9s), Oak Buchan (four grade 9s), Laila Janjua Leishman and Sylvie Quick (three grade 9s each) on results at the very highest standard. We must also mention students such as  Yvette Asante, Christopher Achempong, Minnie Goodman, Kert Raud and Ezekial Adjei all of whom must be praised for coupling very impressive results with incredible progress.  

Whilst today was first and foremost about the students, it is worth reflecting on the achievements of the whole cohort. Approaching three quarters of our students achieved the national standard in English and Maths enabling them, regardless of background, to be able to have a real choice about their next steps. Half of all Dunraven students achieved a strong pass in English and Mathematics. Across our wide curriculum, subjects as diverse as Spanish, French, Physics, Biology, Dance, Sport Studies and Music all produced a high proportion of results at the very highest  grades. 

Year 11 have seen off many challenges through their school career. School closed once when they were in Year 8 and again in Year 9. Despite this obvious hurdle, and against the wishes of most school leaders, grading has been returned to where it was before the pandemic. It is a tribute to our young people therefore that their results are as strong as they are and remain above national averages. Thanks must be paid to their teachers for their hard work and expertise and also to families at home for the support you have provided over the last five years. 

So, well done to Year 11, and the brilliant futures that lie ahead.