Posted on: 18 Aug 2023

We are very pleased for our Year 13 students who have achieved great success in their A Level studies. 

Thursday 17 August was a happy day with many stories of success. It is never right to single out a few individuals when so many could be mentioned. However, given that the cohort of 2023 secured some of our best ever destination outcomes we should congratulate a number of students beginning with those heading to some highly sought after destinations: 

Rufus Hanna, Hannah Gogi, Emily Tham, Luca Oliver, John Cabezas, Abi Smeeth and Miley Mcglue all find themselves packing their bags for the University of Bristol.

Jacob Miller, Isaac Davies, Sophia Gregerio, Magdalena Reichenback, Evan Beedie, Sofia Timofeeva Martin and Anton Jones will shortly be embarking on undergraduate degrees further west at the University of Exeter.

Iris Ramsden, Grace Gadsby, Thomas Kuhrt, Eve Cambell and Amal Malmat all head a different direction and will be taking up their studies next year at the University of Manchester. 

Many many students will be taking place at a range of other prestigious universities including Oxford University (Mae McCormack), University of Bath (Melody Mfoafo-McCarthy), Cardiff University (Max Merzouki), Durham University (Emilia Brookfield), University of Leeds (Amilia Smith), University of Liverpool (Daisy Cole & Amilia Denton), Loughborough University (Alisa Elezi & Erisa Mukasa), University of Nottingham (Charissa Aryee), University of Southampton (Oliver Stobar), University College London (Regina Chan-Lok) and the University of Warwick (Amber Anderson, Krishnan Stansfield, Antonia Edgington, Atinuke Ojeola) to name but a few.     

Yesterday was first and foremost about the students, but we remain very proud of our academic achievements as a fully comprehensive school. Over a quarter of all grades were at A*-A, more than half of all grades at A*-B and more than 4 out of 5 of all grades at C or above. 

Families will need no reminding that this is the first set of official exams that this cohort have completed. As a group, they have seen school close twice due to the pandemic since they embarked on on their GCSE courses. Despite this challenge, it has been decided that grading should return to where it was before the pandemic, with advance national headlines telling schools, students and families to expect the worst. It is a tribute to our young people therefore that their results are as strong as they are, and above national averages, supported by the expertise of their teachers and the consistent support from you, as families, through some very challenging times.

Today is theirs to relish: we wish our outgoing Year 13 every happiness and success as they embark on their next steps into adult life. We are rightly proud of their progress but also the way in which they applied themselves to  culture, performance, politics and social action. We won’t try to hide our sadness that they are leaving but are very pleased with their future destinations. 

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