Year 11 Results Day 2021

Posted on: 12 Aug 2021

Congratulations to Year 11. The challenges we have faced make it easy to forget what schools and days like today are really about: our students. So, well done to Year 11 for the incredible resilience, optimism and good humour throughout the last two challenging years of their GCSE studies. Mr Maidment said: “I hope our students are enjoying some deserved celebrations and the feeling of satisfaction that comes with a job well done. This is their moment”. 

Days like this are also a time to say thank you to all of our staff team for the effort, encouragement and difficult moments overcome that have added up to this success for our students. 

Year 11 - we could name pretty much every one of you, but must say a particular ‘well done’ to Amber Anderson, Adam Benzineb, Rachel Cairns, Regina Chan-Lok, Isaac Davies, Scarlet-May Eziashi, Imogen Fenner-Scally, Flo Gill, Rufus Hanna, Thomas Kuhrt, Zoe Lees, Mae McCormack, Shania McGrath, Tess McKeone, Jacob Miller, Magda Reichenbach, Melody Mfoafo-Mccarthy, Krishnan Stansfield, Lulia Yousef and Lojean Yousof all of whom achieved a fantastic set of results at grade 7  or above (e.g. A/A*/A**)! 

We are delighted that so many students are choosing to continue their studies at Dunraven Sixth Form but we’ll take a moment to say thank you and good luck to those continuing their studies elsewhere. This includes Ivan Ampiah who, as well as achieving a stellar set of results as above, is going to Eton College for his sixth form studies having been awarded their prestigious Orwell scholarship. 

The grades this year were awarded through a process of teacher assessment and standardisation which in turn was approved and formally confirmed by the exam boards. The government is not publishing performance data for any schools or colleges this year due to the impact of the pandemic. Consequently, as with A-Level results, it doesn’t seem appropriate for us to list outcomes and percentages (however strong they are). 

Mr Maidment said: “It is right that our school takes a moment to feel proud as we continue to work towards achieving ‘excellence for all’. It is worth noting that in the important measure of students achieving a standard pass in English and Maths, the gap between disadvantaged students and their peers has closed at Dunraven. These results are a testament to the collective effort of the whole staff team, those teaching them, those supporting and those working in the background. I must say thank you to our families as well. The support from home has been crucial and more vital this year than ever before”.

So, well done and a thank you to Year 11. The future starts now.