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Dunraven Media Students Gaining Industry Knowledge

Posted on: 11 Feb 2021
On Wednesday 19th January, six year 13 Dunraven media studies enjoyed the 'virtual' company and wisdom of Lucy Sherwood. Lucy has produced music videos and TV adverts for some of the biggest clients in the industry, for over 20 years including Kylie Minogue, Basement Jaxx, Sky, Cadburys....yes - she's good! 
She reached out to the school to ask if she could be of service to any aspiring media students - and boy did she deliver! The students who signed up are creating a music video as part of their coursework, or they have an interest in pursuing media production after year 13. Each student shared their coursework ideas with Lucy, who gave fantastic advice and tips to each student. This was followed up by a Q&A session in which the Dunraven sixth formers did themselves proud and asked well informed and challenging questions. Jake (13 Culver) asked "Taking into consideration the impact of the covid 19 pandemic on the workplace and the movement of people - what advice do you have for students like myself who want some work experience in media production before they go to uni in September?" Lucy answered this (and every) question expertly and each student took a huge amount away from the session. Each of them have clearer ideas and steps they will take in order to complete coursework and each now have various contacts and tips as to how to get into the industry. After the session, Joyce (13DD) siad "It was so interesting to speak to somebody who works in media production. There are some things that I don't think I can learn in school. Hearing stories about the productions Lucy has worked on has cemented my decision for what I'm going to do after year 13". More media professionals have since got in touch and the department will be looking to make full use of these in the coming months. Watch this space!
Mr D Douglas, Media Teacher