GCSE Results Day 2020

Posted on: 20 Aug 2020

So much has happened in the run up to GCSE results day that it is possible to lose sight of who days like today are really about: our students. I want to say a proper well done to Year 11 for the incredible resilience, unshakeable optimism and the quite remarkable grace they have shown over the course of this year. I also want to congratulate them on their significant achievements today. 

Their results mark the end of two years of GCSE courses and five years in Dunraven Secondary School. While today is unavoidably different to ‘regular’ results days, nothing should take this from them. This moment is theirs. 

So, huge congratulations to Year 11. You have been amazing. Days like today are for celebrating. They are also a time to say thank you to all our teachers for all of the effort, encouragement and difficult moments overcome that have added up to this success. Whether returning to our Sixth Form or taking next steps elsewhere, we hope every Year 11 student takes a moment to feel proud of their achievements. 

It is important that our school takes a moment to feel proud as well. I won’t use this as an opportunity to parade ‘headlines’ although there is lots to be said for the improvements made and the high standards maintained in such unusual and testing circumstances. These are a testament to the collective effort of the whole staff team, those teaching them, those supporting and those working in the background. It is a huge thank you from me to families as well. The support from home has been crucial and even more vital this year than ever before. 

To those students who need support, we are here for you and would encourage you to contact the school should you have any concerns or need support with destinations.

It would not be right if I did not comment on the process that has led to this moment. This has included last minute announcements and changes from the government, incomplete results issued (and then revoked), BTEC grades withheld, and far too much confusion at a time when clarity has been needed. It would appear that leadership has been in short supply nationally. However, there are lots of reasons to be optimistic about the future. The qualities of hard-work, thoughtfulness, honesty, empathy and compassion for others that our Year 11 have shown throughout the last five years are exactly the qualities that our leaders of the future (and I think we may have found some of them here) will need. In fact, on the evidence of Year 11 the future looks bright and perhaps the world will be a better place. 

So, well done to Year 11, who have a glittering future ahead and who will make sure past mistakes are not made in years to come. Well done for their serious academic achievements, for being the best versions of themselves and for making the school a wonderful place to be over the last five years. 

Guy Maidment

Thursday 20 August 2020