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Aims and Ethos

Here at Dunraven, we strive to deliver our aim of ‘Excellence for All’ through our work under five key areas:

Future Focus

The staff team are relentless in their pursuit of excellent outcomes for students across a broad and balanced curriculum, and supporting them to the next steps on their journey, whether that’s a sixth form place, an apprenticeship, or a university place at some of the world’s leading institutions.

Excellent Teaching and Learning

All staff and students work to provide the best environment for learning. We focus on training teachers to deliver outstanding lessons, developing our feedback to support students’ progression, and providing a wide range of experiences for students to enhance their understanding in and out of the classroom.

Students’ Positive Contribution

We want to ensure we cater for the education of the whole child. We therefore provide a range of opportunities to students to make a positive contribution to their school through activities such as Student Leadership, the House System, and our work on developing character.

Overcoming Barriers

We understand that everyone will face challenges at some points in our lives and we therefore work hard with our young people to become resilient in overcoming any obstacles to their learning. We have a wide ranging Inclusion team comprising SEND professionals and a Student Engagement team to support young people in meeting any challenge they might face during their school career.

High Functioning Organisation

We work hard at Dunraven to ensure that our organisation makes the school experience as smooth as possible for students and families. We focus on delivering clear systems and processes for students and good communication for families, in order that the Dunraven Community works collaboratively for the best possible education of our young people.


In this way, we seek to support every young person to becoming the best version of themselves they can possibly be, achieving ‘Excellence for All’.

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