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Children feel happier, safer and learn more effectively in a calm and well-disciplined environment and our Good to be Green system supports this in the Primary Phase.

The system works by using red, yellow and green cards to support appropriate behaviour in class and posters guide our children in the behaviour we expect at all times.

Children start each day on a green card and the teachers remind children how green behaviour for effective learning is reflected in listening, following of instructions and working hard. If a child is not following the green behaviour expectation, they are given a warning so that the child can adjust their behaviour. If the child continues not to follow the green expectations, they will be given a yellow warning card.

We understand that children make mistakes and always encourage them to work their way back to green.  So, every day at lunchtime, the cards are turned back to green to ensure the children have an opportunity to start the afternoon positively.

If a child continues not to follow the green expectations and they already have a yellow card they may be moved to a red card. They may also go straight to a red card for more serious incidents such as hitting or swearing. Once a child is on red, a sanction will follow. For example, they may be moved temporarily from the class or miss some of their playtime. Families will also be given a note explaining that the child received a red card that day and the reason why. Very occasionally a child may receive up to three red cards in a half term and when this happens a meeting is arranged with the class teacher and myself to discuss ways forward.

We believe that all of our children are able to follow our green expectations and we praise and encourage positive behaviour frequently throughout the day. There are a number of ways we celebrate achievement and effort alongside positive praise:

  • effort certificates per class per day
  • Good to be Green stickers at the end of the week for all children ending each day on green
  • Headteachers certificates each week per class
  • Weekly star of the week in each class
  • Good News Postcards
  • Headteacher’s stickers

We hope that you will support us actively with our system by going over the expectations for green behaviour with your child at home. If you have any concerns about behaviour, please speak to your child’s class teacher.