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School Direct Teacher Training Placements

The Dunraven Training Partnership includes local primary and secondary schools aiming to recruit trainees with the potential to become outstanding teachers through employment based training. We offer tuition fee-funded and salaried positions in primary and most secondary subjects, leading to QTS with PGCE in most cases, in addition to enhanced employment opportunities within the partnership.

Please check the UCAS website or contact the school using the address below for up to date information about our vacancies.


UCAS website 

Download the current brochure here

Get into Teaching - How to Apply

If you have any questions about School Direct training in the Dunraven Training Partnership please contact:

Joanne Clipsham

Dunraven School Direct Co-ordinator

Congratulations to our 2017 Primary School Direct trainees graduating with PGCE and QTS and all employed for September. We wish you every success in your teaching career.

Primary School Direct 2017


Recruitment Events

The school holds primary and secondary information events in the autumn and spring terms. Please check here and on the ‘Get into Teaching’ website for updates and further details on how to book a place. We also participate in events held by our training providers and national recruitment events.


Upcoming Events

Primary School Direct Recruitment Event

10am on Tuesday 17th October

Please see our Eventbrite page for further information and to register:

Eventbrite for Primary


Secondary School Direct Recruitment Events

4.30pm on Tuesday 7th November

10am on Tuesday 14th November

Please see our Eventbrite page for further information and to register:

Eventbrite for Secondary





Why Train With Us?

Our trainees are  'Good' or 'Outstanding' by the time they complete their training with us, and most are employed in the partnership. Here are some comments from them about their training experience.

"The Dunraven School Direct Partnership is a wonderful place to work and I couldn't have wished for a more supportive start to my teacher training. All staff and students set high expectations of themselves and each other, and the warmth and positivity of relationships at this school really set it apart. I couldn't recommend training here highly enough."

"My experience on the School Direct programme in the Dunraven partnership has been excellent. From the first day, the school made me feel welcome and treated me as a regular member of staff. Furthermore, the support provided by the department, school mentor and teaching mentor has been set up with the emphasis on creating a structure that allows me to develop my teaching skills."

"The School Direct programme is tailored to the individual by your mentor who is there to challenge and support your progress. As a student I receive regular feedback that I can act on instantly as I am classroom based."

"I feel privileged to be part of the Dunraven partnership as a School Direct student teacher. The training I am receiving, from my mentor especially, but also from the Head of the Primary Phase and the other staff, is excellent. I feel supported in the classroom, and receive constructive feedback on my teaching, interaction with the children, and my approach to planning and assessment. The dynamism of the Primary team and the whole school more generally makes it a great environment to work and learn in, both for me and the children. The School Direct scheme allows me time in University to study theories I can then apply in the classroom, and the large amount of time spent in school allows me time to integrate properly in the school and form a true impression of what being a full time class teacher will be like."

Please view the videos below to hear from former trainees.





Secondary Maths 



Secondary Drama 







What We Offer

One of the ways in which The Dunraven School Direct Partnership aims to promote ‘Excellence for All’ is by recruiting and training our own teachers, supported by our training providers.


University of Roehampton



If you are interested in a career in primary or secondary teaching, and learning to teach through employment based training there are two possible routes. One is as a salaried trainee, requiring two to three years’ prior work experience. This route replaces the Graduate Teaching Programme. The other is as a tuition fee paying trainee, with the possibility of a range of bursaries and scholarships in different subjects, depending on degree class and subject.

Bursaries, scholarships and funding rates. Find out more.

Details of the Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses available in some subjects with funding for eligible applicants is here. Suitable applicants with gaps in their subject knowledge will be asked to complete an SKE course prior to the start of training.

Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses. Find out more.

Advice on Applying

For general information about how to get into teaching please click here​
Find out about the school, visit if possible, and find out about the training programme

Revise and practise for taking the Professional Skills Tests (see below)

If overseas trained, apply for your qualifications to be checked by NARIC for UK equivalency

Have exam certificates to hand for checking or apply for replacements if necessary

Contact referees in advance as your application is not complete until they have completed your reference


All trainees are required to have literacy and numeracy skills test passes. 

In order to enrol on a teacher training programme applicants must have literacy and numeracy Professional Skills Test passes.

Find out more here