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Class Blogs

The Primary team are excited to introduce a class blog for each teaching group. This is an exciting opportunity for our students and teachers alike to share what happens in class. 

One of the main goals of the blog is to increase the school/home connection by providing families with a window into the class’ activities. The blog also opens the class to an audience of peers from around the world who have similar blogs. This provides students with a sense of authenticity for their reading and writing.


New Reception Families 2021






Year 1 - Silver Birch


Year 1 - Lime


Year 2 - Chestnut


Year 2 - Sycamore


Year 3 - Oak


Year 3 - Beech


Year 4 - Willow


Year 4 - Hawthorn


Year 5 - Maple


Year 5 - Holly


Year 6 - Hazel


Year 6 - Elm


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