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First World War History for Year 7

Posted on: 10 Nov 2017

Year 7 were given a presentation last week by local historian Geoff Simmons who came in to talk about local people who had served in WWI. The extraordinary story of Sid from Tooting was particularly interesting.  He was the youngest serving soldier at the Battle of the Somme  aged only 12 (he had lied about his age). There is now a blue plaque on the house where he was born which Geoff has campaigned for years to acquire.

Geoff stayed on to deliver lessons to 7A and 8A. One the highlights of his talk was when the students were allowed to handle a WW1 shell casing, some WW1 bullets encased in mud from the battlefield and some shrapnel.

Miss J Black and Miss J Andrews

Dunraven 8729