Year 7 expressive arts day

Christmas Concert

10 December 2009

"Another great Christmas concert at Dunraven and very important for me because this is my final Dunraven concert as the MP for Streatham.  The great thing is every year the Christmas concert gets better. At Dunraven I've been to quite a few. The kids have learned to play the instruments better, the singing has always been great and was exceptional this year. I thought what was truly amazing was not only the confidence and the pleasure of the children but also the exceptional variety of the music. It was a great triumph for the children of Dunraven and a great merit to the teachers of Dunraven as well, so another wonderful Christmas Dunraven experience." Keith Hill MP
Keith Hill MP on YouTube.


This Little Babe

Carol by Benjamin Britten, full version

Recorded at Dunraven Christmas Concert 2009

Expressive Arts Day

Inside Out

BBC 1 Spring 2009

Dunraven School's new sports hall is constructed out of recycled shipping containers.

John Rutter's Candlelight Carol

Christmas Concert 2008

Roots:  Kwame Kwei Armah visited Dunraven to produce a radio programme on the series Roots which was on television 30 years ago. It tells the story of the life and the future generations of the family of a boy called Kunta Kinte who was taken from Africa to be a slave in America in the 18th Century.

Our students discussed their reactions to seeing Roots.  (mp3, 7 mins, 6Mb.) Broadcast Radio 4 24 March 2007 at 10:30 am.


BBC School Report

Thursday 26 March 2009. Our new school sports hall, due to open in a few weeks, has been made entirely out of recycled shipping containers.

BBC School Report 

Thursday 26 March 2009. The Love Trust is a charity caring for children in India. Students from 8D have been keeping in contact with them and helping raise money.

Nativity Carol