West Side Story

On 10th and 11th February Dunraven staff and students from all year groups were involved in the fantastic production of West Side Story. Bringing together talented actors, singers, dancers, musicians and technical crew the show showed Dunraven students' many talents.

Telling the tragic love story of Maria (Ellie) and Tony (Eben), the show is set in New York City in the 1950s. Two teenage street gangs of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds clash before Tony, one of the Jets, falls in love with Maria, the sister of Bernardo (Dorian), the leader of the Sharks, leading to their untimely deaths.

Bernstein’s magical but highly complex music was brought to life by an orchestra led by Ms Blackler. Ms. Edge even had to learn a new instrument, the piccolo, to make our version totally authentic. Our favourites included ‘Tonight’, ‘Somewhere’ and ‘I feel Pretty’.

The show was sold out at all performances and thrilled the audiences. Huge congratulations go to all involved for their hard work and dedication. A special thank-you to Ms Gooch (producer), Mrs Ormond & Ms Gaultier (directors), Ms Blackler (musical director), Ms Andrews (choreographer), Mr Jones (technical director), Ms K Smith (set designer) and band members Ms Edge, Ms Votano, Ms P Smith & Ms. Harington-Booth.

You can see the photographs here.


Comment by:Paula Langdon
Comment left:12:02:42
Mar 07, 2010

It's difficult to find words to say just how impressed I was with all aspects of the production - actors, dancers, musicians and all the hard work of production staff. Thank You all. I feel proud to be a parent of a pupil of Dunraven.

Comment by:Aimee Foley
Comment left:15:07:33
Mar 03, 2010

It was such fun to be apart of.. all the cast got on so well and Thank You so much to all the teachers who were there too! It was such an amazing experiance and I can't wait till the next show!! :D Aimee Foley x

Comment by:Sue Figueiredo
Comment left:14:22:26
Mar 02, 2010

Congratulations to the staff on having the courage and confidence in your young people to aim so high.Congratulations to all the young people on all your hard work and commitment. It was a wonderful achievement.

Comment by:Lianne Abrahams
Comment left:20:58:47
Mar 01, 2010

I have beem at Dunraven since September 2009 , and I was planning to audition for W.S.S in The new school year, but I wasn't prepared and was very scared. Everyone was so supportive at the auditions and when I'd found out I'd got in to the cast, I was so pleased. I had great fun and would do it many more times. Thanks to all of the teachers, crew, and cast, especially my tutor Miss Zoe Gooch, for making it so enjoyable and an experience I am 100 grateful to have. :)

Comment by:EF
Comment left:17:27:46
Feb 28, 2010

It was such an amazing show!! Better then any film or clips I've seen on youtube of verious other performances. I have to wonder though how this incredible performance will be topped. Maybe with Wicked?? Who Knows.. Either way I'm definatly looking forward to it.

Comment by:Michaela Bennett
Comment left:17:07:44
Feb 28, 2010

I Have Had A Wonderful Time Being Part Of West Side Story. Meeting Loads Of Nice And Funny People (Including The Teachers!). I Was Surprised When We Performed The Room Was Filled With Loads Of Teachers, Students And Parents All There To Support Us. I Can Wait To Do Another Perfomance. Im Glad This Will Not Be My First And Last. Love It!! Michaela Bennett xx

Comment by:Yvonne
Comment left:14:15:09
Feb 28, 2010

West Side Story is one of my favourites and the Dunraven production lived up to my high expectations. The musicians were fantastic and the cast were amazing! Well done to all those involved, I could watch it all over again.

Comment by:Ellie Goffe
Comment left:17:14:28
Feb 25, 2010

I've only been Dunraven sixth form since Septemper, and auditions for W.S.S were on my second day! I am SO pleased i made myself go for the role of Maria, as I have met such lovely people, and had an amazing time! I think we can all agree rehearsals could be a bit stressful and LONG, but all our hard work paid off! Thanks to all the teachers, orchestra, crew and cast for your hard work, a great experience, and a perfect welcoming to Dunraven! Ellie Goffe x

Comment left:09:35:42
Feb 25, 2010

Fantastic performance. I could not believe how some students who are so quiet in life, transform on stage. Brilliant support on the sides - lighting - music etc. and the teachers who made this happen. Made me really proud to be part of Dunraven school. Our students are brilliant!

Comment by:Ms Lee
Comment left:11:41:46
Feb 24, 2010

Congratulations again to all the students and staff involved. It really was a terrific show and will be remembered for a very long time!

Comment by:Yvonne Wheatley
Comment left:17:38:27
Feb 23, 2010

An outstanding performance! The band and actors were brilliant,well done to all involved.

Comment by:Zoe Gooch
Comment left:15:20:52
Feb 23, 2010

Thank you to all who have left comments so far. I am very proud of what we all achieved in a relatively small amount of time. The students were fabulous and were very professional, working hard to achieve a great production. Thank you also to all the staff involved who gave up a lot of their time, including 2 Saturdays, to make the show such a success. I do miss it and am finding it very strange not running off to a rehearsal at 3.15 everyday!

Comment by:Miss Brooks-Henderson
Comment left:10:52:35
Feb 23, 2010

"Very powerful, professional and emotional. I nearly cried but remembered I was in school so had to hold back the tears" Miss Brooks-Henderson

Comment by:T. Osekita
Comment left:18:51:56
Feb 22, 2010

High quality performance. Very well executed and professional in all aspects. Well done to all involved.

Comment by:Jolanda
Comment left:17:09:46
Feb 22, 2010

Loved every minute of it! Everyone was spot on with singing, dancing/fighting and acting and the band was excellent. Can we have some repeat performances??

Comment by:GD
Comment left:14:42:09
Feb 22, 2010

Excellent production. Well done to everyone involved - well worth the hard work

Comment by:David Boyle
Comment left:08:46:06
Feb 22, 2010

My daughter - aged 5 - has been singing 'I feel pretty' ever since. It was an outstanding show. I'm grateful to all the staff who gave so much of their time to make it work and extremely proud of the students' brilliant performances.

Comment by:J Marks
Comment left:20:57:39
Feb 21, 2010

Brilliant performances by so many talented young people. We really enjoyed it. Well done. When can we buy the video?

Comment by:Bob
Comment left:20:06:53
Feb 21, 2010

the play was extremely good. :]

Comment by:Nick King
Comment left:11:42:11
Feb 15, 2010

I have watched plays and performances at Dunraven for the best part of 40 years and this is the best ever! Well done to everyone involved.

Comment by: Maria Gouveia and family

VERY GOOD,GREAT PERFORMANCE AND CARRY ON, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE MORE. This message is for EVERYONE who participated in any way in West Side Story. It was our first time watching a play in Dunraven and we loved it. My family were all there, 2 adults and 2 children one of them a Dunraven student and the other a 6 year old who also enjoyed it. Whenever there is more we will certainly be there. Once again CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE.