8A took part in a project, aided by the BBC and Lambeth City learning centre, to make several 2-minute films on the abolition of slavery.

The class had 6 weeks to learn all about the abolition and its key figures and facts. The filming was done in and around school, and on location in Clapham, where William Wilberforce lived. We edited the films at the City Learning Centre in Clapham, with assistance from the BBC, on 5 and 7 March 2007.  One of the films was shown at the Odeon in Leicester Square on 9 May 2007. The whole class attended the event with schools from across the country.

Fred, Ashley, Cyril, Francis, Steven

Jacqueline, Katie, Nicole, Evie, Emily, Elise

Matthew, Nicholas, Jack, Oscar, Max

*Kay, Michael, James, Sasha, Hassan, Daryl*
This is the film that was shown at Leicester Square


Amy, Poppy, Ruby, Madousson, Serian

Cari, Leah, Joyce, Aba, Drllon, Andre

Max, Jack, Oscar, Matthew, Nicholas