Extend Project Qualification


The Extended Project Qualification grants students the opportunity to explore an area of study of their choice. This could be directly related to one of their A-levels, linked to future university studies or simply a topic of personal interest to the student.

The extended project can take various forms. Students can choose to produce an extended essay/report, make a documentary, film or other multimedia production. Alternatively the project could be a musical or theatrical performance. On completing the EPQ, students will have to deliver a presentation on their project to a selected audience of fellow students and their supervisor, who provides guidance and support throughout the duration of the project.  


Benefits of doing the EPQ

- Students will improve their ability to think creatively and critically, as they will    explore in depth a topic of their choice before producing a detailed piece of work.                                                              

- The EPQ allows students to develop their ability to work independently by managing and developing each stage of their project with limited interference.

- Students will improve their planning, organisation and research skills.

- Analytical skills which are crucial to success at university level will be improved.

- Presentation and evaluative skills will be further enhanced as a result of doing the EPQ.   

- The EPQ makes students more appealing to universities and employers as it demonstrates their ability to work outside of the A-level curriculum.

- Students who successfully complete the EPQ will gain extra UCAS points.


How the Extended Project Qualification is assessed.

The EPQ is assessed internally by individual supervisors before being forwarded for moderation by AQA.

The Extended Project Qualification is graded using an A*- E grade system. Students who achieve a mark below an E grade will receive a U and will therefore not receive a qualification.

For more information please visit: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/projects/aqa-certificate/EPQ-9990