Exam Results

A Level results 2015:

We are very proud of our students who worked so hard for their A levels this year at Dunraven. They have achieved some of our best outcomes to date with headline figures of 23% A*/A grades, 50% A*-B grades and a 99% pass rate (A*-E). We have also had our "best ever" AS results.

A number of our students achieved outstanding results including: Lily Marks A*AA, Libby Sprackling A*AA, Miranda Van Noorden A*A*B, Hisham Al-Ramah A*AB, Sevi Cela A*AB, Leo Han A*AB, Ozi Mbazuigwe A*AB, Jack Williams A*AB. 
The subjects with the largest number of entries performed extremely well with 42% A*/A grades in English Literature and 55% A*-B grades in Mathematics. A number of A level subjects had A*/A grades at 20% and above including: Art, Drama, Dance, English Language, Further Mathematics and Spanish as well as BTEC sport with 100% A*. Subjects at A level with 50% and above A*-B grades included: French, History, Geography, Government & Politics and Sociology. 
Students at Dunraven should be rightly proud of all they have achieved over the last two years and look forward to taking up places at a range of universities including: Durham, Bristol, Leeds, Warwick, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Queen Mary's, Exeter and Cambridge. 
As ever, our teachers deserve real praise for inspiring their students over time; thanks are due as well to the families of our young people for their support and encouragement throughout the time at school. 
We wish all of our Year 13 students the very best for the future.
August 2015


A Level results 2013:

We are delighted to report the success of our A level students who have achieved very strong results this year. 99% of our Year 13 gained a pass at grades A*-E, 82% at grades A*-C and 26% at A*/A. Mr Cuffy, Director of Sixth, said that he was really pleased that the hard work had paid off for so many students. 

Students achieved some amazing individual results at the highest end including Jamil Mohideen (A*A*A), Grace Morris (A*AA), Katherine Duque (A*AA), Ned Elliott (A*AA), Sameera Khan (AAA) Alasdair Priestley (A*AAA) and Lam Phan (AAAA). Destinations this year include:  Imperial, Bristol, Sussex, Queen Mary, Leeds, Warwick and Leicester.

A significant number of subjects had more than a quarter of their students gain an A*/A grade including English, Mathematics, Economics, Physics and Spanish.

The results, as ever, reward the dedication of the students, the support of their families and the expertise of their teachers.

Joel MacInnes, Chair of Governors, said 'it is a pleasure to be associated with a school that supports its students so effectively, inspiring them to achieve so well.  My congratulations go to all of those students who were so successful and my thanks go to the staff who have worked so hard to ensure that success'.

David Boyle, August 2013


A Level Results 2012

A*/A 25%, A*-B 57%, A*-C 83%. 

We are delighted to report our best results yet for this year’s A levels.  In a year where results fell nationally, a quarter of our students gained grades A*/A and well over half the cohort gained grades A*-B.  Just under a third of the year group gained at least 2 A grades and a B grade. 

All the students in Year 13 who applied for a place at University were successful and begin their new courses in October.  The students have worked incredibly hard, supported by their teachers and families, and so deserve their success. 

University destinations in London this year include: Brunel, University College, Queen Mary College and Imperial College.

Outside of London, destinations include:  Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle. 

Subjects include Medicine,  English Literature, Computing, Drama, Physics and Mathematics.

The Chair of Governors, Joel MacInnes said:  ‘I’m so pleased to hear that the students have achieved the best A level results that the school has had. The positive year on year progress made by the school is to be commended.  My congratulations go to the students and my thanks to the staff team, and the Sixth Form team led by Mr Cuffy and Ms White, who have provided such effective support’. 

The Principal, David Boyle, said:  ‘These are very impressive outcomes.  I am very proud of our students and grateful for the tireless work of staff, and support from home, in helping our young people to develop so positively.’

16 August 2012


A Level Results 2011

Congratulations to our successful Year 13 students who gained very impressive A level results today, 18 August. 

Almost half of the cohort gained A*-B grades and more than three quarters of the year group got A*-C grades.  The overwhelming majority of students got their first choice university place and will start their studies this October. 

There are many individual success stories of academic excellence as well as those of students who have overcome adversity whilst studying for their exams.  We are equally proud of all of these students.  The results are a testament to the hard work of our young people, supported by the expertise of their teachers and the commitment of their families. 

Dunraven's celebrations are shared by the other South London Sixth (SL6) schools and maintains our position as one of the most successful Sixth Forms in London.

David Boyle, August 2011


A Level Results 2010

Congratulations to all those students who did so well in their A levels and thanks to their teachers and families for all the support provided along the way.  Initial analysis suggests that these are another set of 'best yet' results - 98% pass rate, 53% at grades A*-B, 77% A*-C. 

These are very impressive results and mean that almost every student has a University place for the Autumn.  Destinations include:  Oxford, Cambridge, Liverpool, Sheffield, King's College (London), Manchester, Warwick, Leeds amongst many others. 

Bobby Leaf 2A*s, 3As;  Elia Orellana 2A*, 1A;  Samir Jehan, 2A*s, 1A;  Rehema Figueiredo 1A*, 3As;  Katy Thomas, 1A*, 2As;  Chidi Amadi 4As;  Lucy Davidson 3As were amongst our very best performers. 

Mr Cuffy, Director of Sixth, said 'We are delighted at the outstanding results of our students.  It is a tribute to their hard work and to the dedication of their teachers'.

August 2010