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  • 06 Jul 12

    Understanding slavery at Greenwich


    On Tuesday 12 June students from 8CB and 8LR went to Greenwich for a study day on transatlantic slavery at the Maritime Museum.  This was an action-packed day full of different activities on issues from west African cultures to the fight for the abolition of slavery. 


    After a short introduction into the ideas related to slavery students had their first session handling a variety of different objects starting with African culture.  They were split into groups to discuss these.  The next round centred around different forms of punishment and students were able to handle objects previously seen only in photographs in school, such as leg irons and shackles. 




    Then students were able to trial the museum’s new tablet computers in the Atlantic Gallery which allowed them to store information and take photographs of artefacts statues and paintings.


    The third session involved examining original manuscripts from the slave trade.  Students were astonished to learn that the manuscripts that they were observing were over 300 years old.  One example was a copy of a slave ship’s log book that detailed information about the slaves.  Students also learned the importance of the wind direction on board the slave ships in order for a successful journey through the middle passage from west Africa to the New World.




    After lunch the final session looked at the campaign to abolish slavery.  We looked at different objects all related to abolition, from tea cups to bronze statues as well as the famous slogan “Am I not a Man and a Brother?”. 


    Here are some comments from the students


    • Oliwia 8CB – “It was an interesting day and the bit that sticks in my mind is the fact black people were also exploiting people by trading with white men.”
    • Jahmari 8CB – “My favourite bit about the day was when we were able to use the tablets in the museum as it gave me the opportunity to look at the objects in the museum and take pictures so that I could remember.”
    • Annice 8CB – “I really enjoyed the whole day, especially because it really made you think about slavery and in particular the greed involved.  People just didn’t care about others, just about making money.”

    Ms Young




  • 30 Apr 12

    Year 7 Sustainable House Project

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    sustain house project

    This project was about sustainable houses and all Year 7 students had to design a poster.

    We firstly learnt about sustainable houses and what features a house needs in order to be sustainable. As a class we discussed a few ideas and then we made a mind map in our geography books and planned all our ideas.

    After planning and discussing, we started our final posters. The design of our homes had to include annotations to show the sustainable features. We included further information that we collected for homework.

    The sustainable house project was a very successful and enjoyable project. It also gave us a chance to understand the features of a house and its surroundings, which is very important in geography today.

    Jyotsna, Year 7, project winner.



  • 13 Apr 12

    Young Enterprise team through to London finals


    Fresh Monsta, a young enterprise company set up by Dunraven sixth form students, is through to the London final after winning a number of awards at the London South regional heats (completing against other schools from Lambeth, Southwark and Wandsworth).  

    Awards included Best Company Report in all three boroughs, and the best young enterprise company in Lambeth.


    The team of Year 12 students will now go on to complete of the Central London finals on the 1st May.




  • 13 Apr 12

    Lambeth Model United Nations


    I wanted to let you know about the success Dunraven students had at the Lambeth Model United Nations at Elmgreen School on 27 March, writes Ms Kreinczes.  

    The students all conducted themselves with aplomb and by the end of the day were articulating their arguments as if they were real diplomats - it was so impressive to see their transformation from nervous students to skilled politicians!

    The six Year 10 students, Nailah, Jack, Solomon, Kate, Lianne and Miranda all saw their hard work preparing and researching pay off early on in the day when one of the co-chairs informed us that our opening speeches to the General Committee were the among the best.

    After a day of lobbying, debating and re-writing resolutions in the three different committees the students all came back together for the final General Committee meeting, where among the prize winners was Solomon who won second prize in the Environment Programme Committee, and was praised for his diplomacy in representing the USA.

    The students all did a fantastic job and I have been so impressed with their commitment to this project, right from the very start.  They all had a really fun experience yesterday, and it was wonderful to see them put their skills, developed in school, to use outside the classroom.




  • 17 Mar 12

    Year 12s at Russian Conference

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    On Friday 2 March, 22 Year 12 students attended an AS History Conference at Hammersmith Town Hall.  They had the valuable opportunity to listen to three keynote speakers, Dr Chris Ward and Dr Robin Bunce from the University ofCambridge and Geoffrey Stewart, a Chief Examiner for two examination boards. 

    This was an exciting chance for our students to meet Dr Bunce, one of the co-authors of their course textbook.  Students had an action-packed day of stimulating lectures that consolidated and stretched their understanding of Tsarist and Stalinist Russia.  In addition, students benefitted from some excellent sessions on exam skills that will help them as they prepare for their final examination in May. 

    This was a tremendous learning experience for our students and gave them a real insight into the world of undergraduate education.

    . .


  • 08 Mar 12

    Lambeth Model United Nations


    Six students from Year 10 were recently selected to take part in the Lambeth Model United Nations.  The first part of their Model UN experience took place on Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 February at the Royal Geographical Society, where students from Lambeth schools gathered to attend two Masterclass days.  These masterclasses were led by experts in the fields of Natural Hazards, Humanitarian Aid, and Nuclear Non-proliferation.  

    The two countries Dunraven School will be representing are South Africa and the United States of America, and there are now only four weeks left to research and prepare for the Conference Day, when students from across Lambeth will negotiate and lobby on behalf of their country.
    Good luck to our students taking part - and we eagerly await to hear their news from the Conference Day!
    Ms Kreinczes



  • 09 Feb 12

    Year 9 at Holocaust Memorial Day

    On Friday 3 February four Year 9 groups took part in a Holocaust Memorial Day event at South London Liberal Synagogue. This year’s message was the need to Speak Up and Speak Out

    Students from 9AR and 9PH participated in the morning session of events which included the opportunity to listen and to ask questions to survivor, Bronia Snow. Bronia told the fascinating story of her survival during the holocaust and her time spent living with her aunt and uncle in north London.  Students then took part in group sessions to discuss the combination of historical and contemporary lessons that can be learned. 


    In the afternoon 9MA and 9SC listened to survivor Marcel Landheim. Marcel recalled his childhood growing up as a hidden child in France during the time of Nazi occupation in the 1940s. Afterwards the students asked some excellent questions and again took part in group sessions exploring the range of historical and contemporary lessons that the holocaust brings. All students finished their sessions with a moving candle lighting ceremony in the sanctuary of the synagogue which was led by Rabbi Janet Darley. 

    This year marks the third year of this exciting collaboration with South London Liberal Synagogue and we look forward to working with Rabbi Darley and her colleagues again next year. 

    See the photographs



  • 23 Jan 12

    Civil war comes to life

    On Wednesday 14th December 8KO and 8NM visited the National Army Museum  in Chelsea as part of their current investigations into the English Civil War in their history lessons.  The students heard from an expert about life on the battlefield and were involved in an object handling session.  It was with much excitement that the students dressed up as Civil War soldiers and experienced what it was like to feel the weight of a pike and musket!
    The visit provided students with a fabulous opportunity to really see the English Civil War brought to life, and to explore the National Army Museum's exhibitions.
    The visit was organised by Ms Kreinczes with Mr Morgan, Ms Miah, Ms Geca and Mr Mandalos.


  • 03 Dec 11

    Jack the Ripper tour

    On the night of Thursday 24 November, some Year 9 students visited the East London back streets as part of an organised Jack the Ripper tour. This visited all the famous sights and heard about the tales and tragedy of the Ripper's victims.
    The students really appreciated the chance to engage in history first hand as they saw pictures of old London to compare with the modern day reality, heard the fate of all the victims and began to apply their historical knowledge by drawing up their own theories about the Ripper's true identity.
    A big thanks to Ms Kreinczes and Mr Day for organising the visit.





  • 27 Nov 11

    History at Westminster Abbey

    On Friday 25 November, Year 7 students had a fantastic opportunity to take part in the workshop on "Who should be king?" organised by the education department in one of the most historic places in Britain – Westminster Abbey.

    They were able to "speak to Abbot John" who was in charge of the abbey when Edward IV died and his wife Elizabeth took sanctuary there. After an interesting conversation, students asked questions not only about the troubled times of the Wars of the Roses but also about the life of the monks.

    Students toured the abbey and learned about the history of the building and its founder, Edward the Confessor.  They saw the tombs of Henry VII, Elizabeth I, and Mary Tudor and the place where the bones of the two mysteriously killed princes are buried.

    From the old to the new: we saw the coronation chair - 700 years old - and the spot where Kate Middleton married Prince William this year.

    Finally after lunch the students took on group activities where they had to analyse and evaluate the sources they were given to decide who should be king in 1483. They had to find reasons supporting their claimants to the throne, and present their findings to the rest of the group.

    It was truly an educational experience and being inside the Westminster Abbey allowed our students to understand and feel real history.

    Ms E. Krawczyk  




    Exterior photograph:


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